About Us

Who We Are

Longstreet Worldwide is an international investment bank with a focus on institutional quality projects and portfolios.  Since its inception in 1981, Longstreet has provided both equity and debt to owners and developers of energy, infrastructure and commercial real estate assets.  With decades of capital markets experience, the partners of Longstreet are committed to finding innovative and practical capital solutions for the strategic financial goals of their clients.


What We Focus On

At Longstreet we focus on the active, upper end of the capital markets.  The typical Longstreet capital source has over $1 Billion in assets under management and over $100 Million in deployable (‘dry powder’) capital to invest in client projects.  Many of our capital sources have over $100 Billion in capital.  This means that no project is too big.  However, a typical Longstreet project will require between $25,000,000 and $100,000,000 in equity.

Sponsor experience and equity participation are key to any Longstreet project.  We seek sponsors with extensive similar project or asset management experience and significant financial capability.  A typical Longstreet project will require a minimum of 10% sponsor equity.


Why Investors Choose Longstreet

No matter which corner of the globe it is located in, Longstreet partners always seek the lowest cost of capital with the most flexible terms.  With eleven office in eight countries, Longstreet has developed working relationships with hundreds of domestic and overseas capital sources.  When we say “global”, we mean it.

Longstreet takes a personal approach to project placement and funding. We use a broad range of institutional funding sources both domestic and foreign. We see our mission as matching the right capital with the right project. Like a puzzle, a project must fit the capital and visa-versa. Unlike many traditional investment banking firms and brokerage houses, we do not broadly market projects. Instead, we place our projects directly with the capital source and provide an open line of communication between the capital and the owner or developer of the project. In addition, we do not handle projects that are being marketed by the major brokerage houses and investment banking firms. We never list or display Longstreet projects on the internet or use mass email of any type.


Where & Why of Project Locations

More than half of all our completed projects are funded from overseas sources. Although both domestic and foreign capital sources play an important part in project funding, foreign capital can provide some unique attributes and advantages. Many foreign capital sources are gigantic in fund size with assets under management in the hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars. Like domestic pension funds, many of these foreign capital sources have a continual stream of capital entering their fund in need of investment. When it comes to project investment, bigger is better for many of the large foreign funds. Unlike their North American counter parts, many foreign funds are not constrained by investment limits or diversity exposure. Large projects having capital requirements over $100MM will probably meet with better success using overseas capital sources. In addition, overseas capital sources are attracted to projects with name brand elements, USA government guarantees and Fortune 500 co-sponsors.

Types of capital sources:

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds & Investment Authorities
  • Superannuation & National Pension Funds
  • Natural Resource Stabilization Funds
  • Overseas Bond Markets
  • Overseas Monetary Stabilization Funds
  • Domestic & International Pension Funds
  • Domestic & International Insurance Companies
  • Overseas Investment Banks
  • Fund Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Asset Management Firms
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Private Banking Firms