Management Team

Curt Gibson

Senior Managing Partner

As Longstreet’s senior managing partner, Curt brings 20 years of real estate and media experience to our team. In addition to heading Longstreet’s day to day operations, his responsibilities include development and oversight of the company’s strategic and corporate goals.  At Longstreet, Curt’s main responsibility is to identify energy, media and commercial real estate projects in need of funding, as well as raise equity and debt through domestic capital sources. Curt is also responsible for all domestic and international brokerage relationships. Prior to Longstreet, Curt worked on the investment management side of a top entertainment law firm in Los Angeles, California. Curt was responsible for managing the assets and investments of family offices and high net-worth entertainment clients.

Nigel Deen

Project Acquisition Affiliate – Longstreet New York

Brings 12 years of extensive experience in commercial real estate arena assisting clients in every stage of the real estate process, representing them in the buying, selling, financing, leasing, managing and valuing of assets, and providing strategic planning and research, portfolio analysis, site selection and space location, among many other advisory services. He is a rare breed who has the ability to pursue a vision while meeting the demanding fundamentals of the real estate business. His unique expertise is founded on his strengths in the structuring, financing, and execution of highly complex and unusual real estate transactions.

George Liebmann

Project Acquisition Affiliate – Longstreet New York

George’s role is to assist Longstreet’s investors in finding funding and acquisition opportunities in commercial real estate and the energy sector. George brings nearly two decades of experience as strategic planning consultant to senior management of several large and growing corporations. Additionally, he is an internationally reknowned technologist who has been awarded 26 patents worldwide and is founder of Permafresh Corporation, a venture that he successfully piloted though its development and Series A&B funding.

Jay Joongyo Shin

Managing Director – Longstreet Korea

Heading operations in Asia, Jay brings 25 years of corporate finance and commodities trading experience to Longstreet. Prior to joining the Longstreet team, Jay worked in finance and investments for several multi-national corporations including Hyundai Group and GMAC. In addition, Jay has raised capital and consulted for multiple commercial real estate and mortgage investment funds in Korea, Canada and the US. Over the past few years, Jay financed several coal and biomass power plants in the USA using funds from South Korean institutional investors.

Hamid Lavassani

Project Acquisition Affiliate – Longstreet Los Angeles

With over 30 years’ experience, Hamid has raised and funded several billions of dollars in residential, commercial real estate and media transactions. Hamid is an internationally recognized Real estate expert and hosts a weekly live television program titled, “Pulse of the Economy”. Hamid’s global travels and cultural knowledge provide a unique perspective to Longstreet client’s in media, energy and commercial real estate.

Nadine Hui

Director – Longstreet Shanghai

Dahong Li

Director – Longstreet Shanghai