With the expansion of Public-Private Partnerships infrastructure developers can tap into capital markets for infrastructure financing. The roll of private equity in the financing of infrastructure is quickly expanding as sovereign funds and pension funds look for guaranteed returns with higher yields than typical bond instruments. As an originator of domestic and overseas private equity, Longstreet can provide governments and developers with the funds required to develop and construct infrastructure projects.

Types of infrastructure projects:

  • Public & Commercial Airports
  • Bridges & Tunnels
  • Highways & Toll Roads
  • Shipping Ports & Container Facilities
  • Natural Gas & Oil Pipelines
  • Refineries & Processing Plants
  • Energy Transmission & Distribution
  • Railroads & High Speed Rail Systems
  • Light Rail Systems
  • Fresh Water Desalinization Facilities
  • Waste Water & Solid Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Broadband Networks
  • Transmission Cable & Broadcasting Facilities
  • Sports Stadiums & Entertainment Complexes
  • Healthcare & Educational Facilities
  • Social Housing Projects