Whether it’s renewable or conventional, Longstreet provides innovative capital solutions to energy developers and owners. Knowledgeable in upstream, mid stream and downstream energy development and asset management, Longstreet partners specializing in energy finance can help your firm achieve its strategic and financial goals. We work in all asset classes across the entire energy sector providing energy asset finance, advisory, and brokerage services. Combining decades of industry experience with our network of capital sources, Longstreet can structure financial solutions for even the most challenging energy funding needs.

Using its international funding approach, Longstreet provides capital solutions to a broad spectrum of the energy projects. Whether it’s hydro electric plants, wind farms or natural gas pipelines, Longstreet stands ready to provide funding to owners and developers of energy assets and projects. Using a revenue guarantee strategy coupled with strategic joint ventures, Longstreet strives to provide the lowest cost of funds with the most flexible terms to all energy projects. In addition to domestic projects, Longstreet also funds overseas energy projects.

Types of Programs:

  • Overseas Project Funding
  • Merger and Acquisition Financing
  • Management Buyout Programs
  • Revenue Stream Capitalization
  • Asset or Portfolio Recapitalization
  • Strategic Joint Ventures
  • Construction Guarantees
  • Programmatic Relationships
  • Technology Joint Ventures
  • Fortune 500 Guarantees
  • Utility Guarantees
  • Government Guarantees
  • Government Subsidy Programs

Types of Projects:

  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Drilling Programs
  • Oil Sands
  • Land Lease Funds
  • New Technology on Depleted Reserves
  • Solar Plants
  • Wind Farms
  • Geothermal Plants
  • Hydro Electric Plants
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Biomass Plants
  • Clean Coal Plants
  • Transmission Lines
  • Processing Plants
  • Refineries